How to Navigate This Section

Hi, there! Once your photos are uploaded
to your online album, you’ll be given a
password to a personalized page on this site.

1. Once you find your page from the
“Client Corner” drop-down menu, click
your page.

2. You’ll be asked for your password.

3. After entering your password, you’ll be
directed to your Album Folder.

4. Within your folder, you may view and
download any photos you’d like. If you
desire, you may select all the photos and
click the “Download” (downward arrow
in the top right corner of your browser)
button to download them all at once.

Once you have the link, you may share it
with anyone to download the photos to
their heart’s content =)

When you decide to download your photos
from the album folder, just be aware, they
are full sized photos are not compressed
(to avoid losing detail), and so it may be
good to have a good internet connection
or good data package for your mobile phone.